Kentucky DUI laws and Information


You Are DUI When:

When your blood alcohol content (BAC) is.08 or higher, you are DUI in Kentucky. The test must be given within 2 hours of operation of motor vehicle for results to be admitted into evidence in DUI prosecutions. Operators can be convicted at levels lower than .08 based on other evidence which indicates impairment.

Five Possible DUI Charges:

You can be charged in Kentucky with five different DUI violations:

Operating a vehicle or in physical control of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
Operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration (.08 BAC or above).
Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of any other substance which impairs driving ability.
Operating while under the influence of a combination of alcohol and any substance which impairs driving ability.
Operating a motor vehicle under age 21 with a prohibited alcohol concentration.
DUI laws include operating or being physical control of a motor vehicle in any of these five categories "anywhere" in the state, including private property.

DUI Penalties (First Offense Within a Five Year Period):

$200 - 500 Fine
2 to 30 Days in Jail
90 Day Alcohol or Substance Abuse Program
30 to 120 Day License Suspension
Possible 48 Hours - 30 Days Community Labor
If aggravating circumstances present-4 days imprisonment
Aggravating Circumstances:

These aggravating circumstances result in higher minimum jail time:

Over 30 mph over speed limit
Wrong way on limited access highway
Causes accident resulting in death or serious physical injury
Alcohol level of .18 or more within 2 hours after operating
Refusal to submit to testing
Transporting passengers under 12 years of age
The DUI law establishes minimum jail times (4 days), which cannot be probated, suspended, conditionally discharged or otherwise subject to early release, if convicted of DUI when any of the above aggravating circumstances exist.

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Grounds for Divorce in Ohio - Sylkatis Law, LLC

A divorce in Ohio is filed when there is typically “fault” by one of the parties and party not at “fault” seeks to end the marriage. A court in Ohio may grant a divorce for the following reasons:
• Willful absence of the adverse party for one year
• Adultery
• Extreme cruelty
• Fraudulent contract
• Any gross neglect of duty
• Habitual drunkenness
• Imprisonment in a correctional institution at the time of filing the complaint
• Procurement of a divorce outside this state by the other party

Additionally, there are two “no-fault” basis for which a court may grant a divorce:
• When the parties have, without interruption for one year, lived separate and apart without cohabitation
• Incompatibility, unless denied by either party

However, whether or not the the court grants the divorce for “fault” or not, in Ohio the party not at “fault” will not get a bigger slice of the marital property.

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