Alabama’s virus cases top 940; abortion clinics win in court

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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Alabama neared 1,000 on Monday as reported deaths continued to climb and a federal judge ruled the state could not prohibit abortions during the outbreak.

Total COVID-19 infections in Alabama stood near 950 late Monday, the state Department of Public Health reported. The official death count stood at six, but the tally did not include most of the seven deaths reported by the East Alabama Medical Center, a hospital in Opelika.

The hospital said Sunday that only one of the deaths was included in the state total and the rest were being submitted to an official state process. The Department of Public Health said in a statement that a department physician reviews the records of COVID-19 patients to determine whether a death should be attributed to the virus.

Johns Hopkins University listed Alabama’s death count as 10 on Monday.

A federal judge on Monday granted a temporary restraining order to prevent Alabama from shutting down abortion clinics as a nonessential medical service during the outbreak. Alabama had ordered a postponement of medical procedures except in cases of a medical emergency or “to avoid serious harm from an underlying condition or disease, or necessary as part of a patient’s ongoing and active treatment.” Abortion clinics said they went to court after the state refused to clarify that the clinics could continue to operate.

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