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Gambia Joins The Madrid Protocol!

The Gambia’s recent accession to the Madrid Protocol, effective from 18th December, 2015, makes the smiling coast the 96th member of Madrid. The protocol is designed to simplify intellectual property registration process, by making it possible for IP rights holders to designate The Gambia on international applications, to obtain protection for IP works in the jurisdictions of all protocol member states. In anticipation of the protocol, IP lawyers, legislatures, officers, and other stakeholders have undergone specialized training on effective implementation on the new laws. Significant efforts have also been made towards clearing the backlog at the registry, and additional resources have been allocated by The WIPO, in preparation of the Madrid system. Although its practical effects are not yet apparent, the protocol is expected to enhance local procedures and policies currently in place, generate an increase in international applications, and lead to a more profitable IP system in The Gambia overall.

AB & Co is a boutique trademark agency specialising exclusively in the protection of intellectually property rights for our clients in Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

We provide high quality services and act as Trademark & Patent Attorneys for principals all over the world including partner law firms.

We act as attorneys for the registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and other intellectual property rights. We routinely conduct searches and provide assistances for renewals, change of name and address, amendments and recordal of licences.


Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design registration
Recordal of changes of propietor's name, address
Recordal of mergers and assignments
Recordal of licenses
Advice on non-contentious issues
Publication tracking

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