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We have the experience, legal skills, resources, passion and commitment to litigate against a company of any size. But, our clients come back to us time and time again because of our singular focus on client service that shows that we care.

Unlike other firms, our attorneys are readily accessible to our clients at any stage of the case. We care deeply about our clients and their legal challenges and are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services.

We also take great pride in our innovative and aggressive approach to litigation, not only to redress the wrongs suffered by our clients but to bring about positive social change.

If we can be of service to you or anyone you know in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us today to speak to one of our lawyers.

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Grounds for Divorce in Ohio - Sylkatis Law, LLC

A divorce in Ohio is filed when there is typically “fault” by one of the parties and party not at “fault” seeks to end the marriage. A court in Ohio may grant a divorce for the following reasons:
• Willful absence of the adverse party for one year
• Adultery
• Extreme cruelty
• Fraudulent contract
• Any gross neglect of duty
• Habitual drunkenness
• Imprisonment in a correctional institution at the time of filing the complaint
• Procurement of a divorce outside this state by the other party

Additionally, there are two “no-fault” basis for which a court may grant a divorce:
• When the parties have, without interruption for one year, lived separate and apart without cohabitation
• Incompatibility, unless denied by either party

However, whether or not the the court grants the divorce for “fault” or not, in Ohio the party not at “fault” will not get a bigger slice of the marital property.

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