Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC.

Indiana Law Firm

Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC will not be out thought or out fought

Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC was founded as a firm committed to protecting individuals and small businesses that have been wronged by someone or something not following the basic rules of life and causing harm. From individuals injured by prescription drugs to defamed business owners, Riley Williams & Piatt, LCC stands ready to equalize the odds.

Each named lawyer in this firm has tried numerous cases and each one has tried at least one six-week long jury trial. The lawyers of Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC are not afraid to step into the court and try cases against the largest firms in the nation. They have. In fact, in a time when few lawyers are experienced in jury trials, the lawyers of Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC continue to practice the skills that define a trial lawyer.

This dedication to acting as an advocate for their client leads them to treat each client as an individual who has a story to tell, no matter the case. From an individual injured to a business defrauded, the lawyers of Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC are there to make sure the clients story is told and to work tirelessly for a just result.

Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC also assists other lawyers in referral or co-counsel cases. By partnering with Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC lawyers can bring an additional skill set to their clients' story.

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